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Brian Ritter

Executive Director
Brian Ritter is the Executive Director of Nahant Marsh and the Program Director for Conservation Tec… Read More
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Amy Loving

Director of Education
Amy Loving is the Director of Education at Nahant Marsh. She received her bachelor's degree from Wes… Read More
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Elizabeth Schramm

Director of Operations and Donor Relations
Elizabeth is the Director of Operations and Donor Relations at Nahant Marsh. She earned her Bachelor… Read More
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Kinsey Nielsen

Natural Resource Manager
Kinsey Nielsen is the Natural Resource Manager. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Ecology from… Read More
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Jimmy Wiebler

Naturalist and Research Coordinator
Jimmy Wiebler has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Augustana College and a master’s degree in… Read More
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Zach Strong

Natural Resource Crew Member
Zach Strong has been working as a Conservation Technician on the Natural Resources crew at Nahant Ma… Read More
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Madeline Kull

Natural Resource Crew Member
Madeline Kull is completing her Bachelor's degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management with… Read More
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Kory Darnall

Natural Resource Crew Member
Kory Darnall has worked on the Nahant Marsh natural resources crew for since 2012. He is a Universi… Read More
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Kelsi Massengale

Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator
Kelsi Massengale has been at Nahant Marsh since 2019, serving two part-time terms as an AmeriCorps E… Read More
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Allison Nodurft

AmeriCorps Naturalist
Allison serves as a full-time AmeriCorps Naturalist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Educa… Read More
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