Due to COVID-19, the Education Center is CLOSED to the public until further notice. Select programming will be offered in-person on a scheduled basis beginning May 30th. Other programming will be offered online. Please check our calendar and Facebook page for upcoming programs.

Trails are open and can be accessed from the front parking lot. No indoor restrooms available.

Nahant Marsh Education Center

Nahant Marsh is a 305-acre preserve nestled in southwest Davenport. It is part of a 513-acre wetland complex that is bordered by the Mississippi River, Interstate 280, and Highway 22.

Education Center Hours

The Nahant Marsh Education Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon (extended to 3 p.m. from April through October). Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. If the main gate is locked, trails are accessible from the front parking lot - just look for the opening in the fence near the kiosk. Click here for a trail map.

Preserve Hours
Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. If the main gate is locked, trails are accessible from the front parking lot. Look for the opening in the fence near the kiosk.

Shop & Donate

Nahant Marsh Education Center is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education agency. As such, many services provided by Nahant Marsh rely heavily on donations from generous folks like you!
Your donations are tax deductible.

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Nahant Marsh Education Center, through the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, offers a wide variety of environmental education programming for people of all ages. Educational programs are conducted both on and off-site and provide programming that focuses on midwest ecosystems, conservation, and stewardship.


Research projects are conducted year round and guide our management practices. Ongoing projects include water quality testing, turtle population monitoring, and avian population studies.


Wetlands are a vital part of our ecosystems. They filter pollutants, reduce sedimentation, reduce flow, and provide habitat. Nahant Marsh is a protected natural area and our management practices strive to maintain the health and diversity of the preserve.

Nahant Makes a Comeback

At one time eastern Iowa's Nahant marsh was home to the Quad Cities Trap and Skeet Gun Club, leaving heavy doses of lead in the mud of the marsh. The lead in the pellets can sicken or kill many native birds. This lead contamination prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to list Nahant Marsh as a Superfund site in need of cleanup.  Nahant now serves as an environmental rallying point for the eastern Iowa community.

Yearly Spring Cleanup

Each spring the Friends of Nahant get together to perform a massive cleanup, ridding our ecosystem of unwanted refuse and restoring the marsh for both the wildlife and our community.

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