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Toddler Tales

toddler tales


Toddler Tales is a great way to introduce young children, ages 3-5 years old, to the wonders of the outdoors! Each second Tuesday of each month, beginning in March and running through October, Nahant Marsh educators will lead a nature-themed story, craft, and outdoor adventure.

There are two sessions available for your convenience, one from 10-11 a.m. and one from 2-3 p.m. Children should be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

Cost: $5.00 per child Or $3.00 with a Nahant Marsh Membership.

Register by calling 563-336-3370. 

2019 Schedule

March 12
Bird Watching: The spring migration is here! Join us to learn about birds and see how many we can find on our bird hike.

April 9
April Showers: Do you like walking in the rain or jumping in puddles? If so join us Nahant Marsh to learn about rain and why it is important to all living things.

May 14
Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn about the unique lives of snakes, turtles, and frogs. Children will be introduced to our resident education reptiles and will be exploring Nahant’s natural frog pond. LOCATION CHANGE for May 14 – Meet at the SCC Urban Campus, 101 W 3rd St., Room W111. 

June 11
Wiggling Worms: Did you know that one acre of land can contain more than a million earthworms? Learn about worms and investigate how many worms we have at Nahant.

July 9
Hooked on Fishing: More than 119 species of fish call the Mississippi River their home! Join us at Nahant to learn about some river fish you may find on the end of your line.  

August 13
Sensing Nature: Explore the Marsh with all your senses. Children will be immersed in the sights, smells, and feels of the natural world. 

September 10
Befriend a Tree: Fall is the time for jumping in leaf piles! Together we will explore different ways that trees are beneficial to humans and other wildlife.

October 8 
The Need for Seeds: Plants may not be able to move but did you know that their seeds can travel? Learn how seeds are spread and explore how seeds can be food for both people and animals.

**Activities and locations may change due to weather, flooding and other unforeseen events.

To register for sessions, call 563.336.3370