What We Do


Nahant Marsh Education Center, through the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, offers a wide variety of environmental education programming for people of all ages. Educational programs are conducted both on and off-site and provide programming that focuses on midwest ecosystems, conservation, and stewardship.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in conservation, there are local degree programs available. For information about the Conservation Technology A.A. degree, click here. For information about the EICC/WIU-QC Natural Resources Management Track, click here.



Research projects are conducted year round and guide our management practices. Ongoing projects include water quality testing, turtle population monitoring, and avian population studies.

If you are interested in a research internship, click here




Wetlands are a vital part of our ecosystems. They filter pollutants, reduce sedimentation, reduce flow, and provide habitat. Nahant Marsh is protected a natural area and our management practices strive to maintain the health and diversity of the preserve.

For more information about how we manage Nahant Marsh, click here.