Spring and summer dates are booked for 2023. Now accepting reservations for August-December.

Bring Nahant Marsh to your facility!

Many environmental education programs are now available for off-site visits. Our goal is to provide educational and meaningful lessons about the natural world and to nurture a strong bond between people and their natural environment.

Useful Information

  • Outdoor or adequate indoor space may be needed for some of the programs listed. Please make note that not all of the programs listed are ideal for a classroom setting. If outdoor or large indoor space is available, a Naturalist may wish to visit prior to the scheduled visit to ensure adequate space is available for the program requested.
  • Some programs require equipment that is not suitable for large groups. Please contact Naturalist for more information
  • Outreach programming is $60 per hour.
  • Please provide a table or desk for presentation materials.
  • If making arrangements to visit multiple classrooms at a grade level, please coordinate times with other teachers.
  • The Naturalists will arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the presentation. Please provide information on parking and where to check in at the school.

Outreach Programs