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Quad Cities Pollinator Conference Presentations and Resources
Click here to access presentations and resources from the 3rd Annual Quad Cities Pollinator Conference. 

The views and opinions of the presenters and those expressed in the student video entries at the conference are solely theirs and not those of the conference organizers.

Franklin Elementary School’s Project (taken at the end of summer, 2017)

Quad Cities Pollinator Conference Grant Program
The goal of this grant program is to fund one small-scale and one large-scale project within a thirty mile radius of the Quad Cities. The result will be a physical product that positively impacts and enhances pollinator habitat and conservation in our community. The Pollinator Conference planning committee believes that real change can be affected in our communities with the funding of such projects.

We are pleased to announce three winners:
$500 Small-Scale Project Winner: Franklin Elementary School
Funds will be used to purchase additional plants, mulch for weed control, and educational signage for the outdoor learning lab established near the school playground in 2016. The lab includes tables for children to use during and after school hours, and is hardscaped with a concrete pad so that it is handicapped accessible. Signage will show why specific plants were chosen for the space and what pollinators they attract.

$1,286 Large-Scale Project Winner: Davenport North High School
The Davenport North High School’s (DNHS) environmental club is initiating an outdoor learning campus in an internal courtyard at DNHS that will contain two garden areas. The gardens will incorporate native species plantings to enhance habitat for pollinators, bees, and butterflies. The area is currently under construction, with the final planting slated to be completed in May 2018.

$2,500 Large-Scale Project Winner: Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois
The Girl Scouts will construct a pollinator garden at Camp Liberty in New Liberty, Iowa. New Liberty is located 28 miles north of the Quad Cities. Camp Liberty is the primary resident camp serving a 38-county area, and serves more than 1,500 girls every summer plus outside visitors. The garden will include native species plantings to enhance habitat for pollinators, bees, and butterflies. The area will be constructed by girls attending summer camp and will add to the environmental learning experience for everyone. Environmental education and community impact are key focus areas for Camp Liberty programming. Garden construction will begin in spring 2018.



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