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IMG_3264“This course was an amazing opportunity to discover incredible places in my community and ways that I can contribute to the preservation of our natural resources.” –MCP Participant, Davenport

Experience Iowa’s diverse natural resources– the prairies and grasslands, woodlands, wetlands and waterways, and abundant wildlife. The Master Conservationist Program uses field experiences and classroom trainings to cover a broad range conservation issues and topics. These experiences help Iowans make informed, intelligent choices for a lifestyle of stewardship.

Topics Include:

  • Physical Environment
  • Ecological Principles and Techniques
  • Wildlife Diversity
  • Prairies and Grasslands
  • Woodlands
  • Wetlands
  • Rivers
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use
  • Energy Use and Waste Reduction

Educational Experience

Participants receive at least 32 hours of indoor and outdoor hands-on education led by trained professionals in their field. The range of topics provides information that can be useful in service to the community and in their own backyards. The program is designed for adult learners.

Service with Understanding

Participants take their knowledge and put it into practice. Each participant is asked to contribute at least 32 hours of conservation and/or natural resource related service to their local community or county.

Previous activities have included prairie planting and seed harvesting, water quality testing, wildlife monitoring, staffing conservation centers, and conducting educational programs for youth and adults. Once volunteer hours are completed, participants become “Certified Master Conservationists.”

Class size: 30 | Minimum age: 18

2017 Master Conservationist Schedule

For more information, contact Liz Schramm at Nahant Marsh by phone: 563.336.3374 or email:

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