“Adopt” an Animal

“Adopt” an Animal

You can help support the Nahant Marsh Education Center’s mission to educate the public about the wonders of the natural world by sponsoring one of our resident animals through our “Adopt”-an-Animal program. Your “adoption” donation is tax deductible.

Why “adopt” an animal?

Nahant Marsh’s Animal Ambassadors represent native species of Iowa’s wildlife. They provide unforgettable hands-on experiences for visitors of all ages. As an ambassador, these animals represent their species allowing our education staff to educate the public about them.

All of our animals are on display at the Education Center are cared for by Nahant Marsh staff and receive:

  • Expert care from trained staff who oversee their daily needs
  • Special diets to meet their specific needs
  • Enrichment items to encourage natural behaviors
  • Regular veterinary check-ups to insure optimal health

What animals can I adopt?

Several animals are available for adoption. View a full list of adoptable animals to see which one you would like to support.

Your $75 adoption includes:

  • a personalized adoption certificate
  • a beautiful color photo of your animal
  • a description of its natural and personal history
  • a recognition plaque in the exhibit gallery

Animal “adoptions” are valid for one year from the date of processing. Animals may have multiple “adoptive parents” and must remain under the care of the staff at the Center.

Adopting a wild resident of the Nahant Marsh Education Center is a great gift idea!

You can also support the animals by purchasing items on our Amazon Wishlist, checking out our donations page to see what items our animals may need, or by making a monetary donation amount of your choice.

Thank you to our 2017 Animal Ambassador Sponsors:
The Lamb Girls adopted Bob the Three-toed Box Turtle
Mark and Lisa Cleve adopted Captain the Blanding’s Turtle
Lizzie McVey adopted Captain the Blanding’s Turtle
Grayer, Olive and Talon Pruitt adopted Ethel the Red-eared Slider
Girl Scout Troop 5299 adopted George the Three-toed Box Turtle
Lydia Rohner adopted Leia the Ornate Box Turtle
Terry Collins adopted Pancake the Spiny Softshell Turtle
Patti Holmlund adopted Pancake the Spiny Softshell Turtle
The Wille and Rakus Families adopted Picasso the Painted Turtle
Sarah McVey adopted Porky the Hognose Snake
Kyah and Kile Johnson and Marte McKinnery adopted Rizzo the Black Rat Snake
Guthrie, Laithe, Juniper, and Cort adopted Rizzo the Black Rat Snake
Shirley Horstmann adopted Rocky the Bull Snake
Britt Vickstrom adopted Sid the Common Musk Turtle
HannahMcVey adopted Squirtle the Ornate Box Turtle
Bridgette, Kailin, and Sadie adopted Sunny the Fox Snake
Rescued in Moline adopted Tigger the Tiger Salamander

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