Toddler Tales Program

book iconBring your little one to learn about nature through stories, crafts, and outdoor adventures.

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Homeschool Program

boot iconNature-based lessons for grades K-9 are offered monthly onsite or as scheduled.

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Adult Education

earth iconNahant Marsh offers a variety of classes and workshops for the adult learner.

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Education Center Closings

The Education Center will be closed on Wednesday, September 13 and Thursday, September 14 for the 3rd Annual Quad Cities Pollinator Conference. You are welcome to still enjoy the preserve!


Safety Measures When Exploring Trails

Trail safety is a topic that unfortunately does not always concern people who are feeling excited to go on a new adventure in the outdoors. If you are currently planning to hike along the Nahant Marsh trail, you will need to take some elementary precaution measures specific to most trails in the country. Wild, rocky or remote areas will require special preparation, but for the most part of the trail you should have no problem making the most of it hassle-free.

For the inherent risks specific to any trail out there, we have prepared a set of advice and tips that should come in handy no matter where you thirst for adventure takes you next.

Talk To Trail Volunteers And Ask For Guidance

  • One of the simplest ways of getting to know exactly what to expect along the trail is by talking to the volunteers in charge with it.

  • These are the people who know all the ins and outs of the trail and they will inform you concerning all the potential dangers, risks, and hazards along the way.

  • Takes notes if you need to and make sure you pay extra attention to the red flagged areas.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

  • Avoid any distractions and make sure you notice all signs that should be made clearly visible.

  • Ensure the treadway is clear and all the bridges and boardwalks are in a good state and you can access them safely.

  • Make sure your clothing and footwear are adequate for hiking on this trail.

Carry A Personal Alarm On You

  • Opt for a screaming alarm that is at least 130dB and imitates a high-pitched female screaming voice.

  • Why would you consider buying such a thing for the trail hike? Because you never know when you might come across a potential threat along the way. And when this usually happens, the human body tends to have all sorts of reactions revolving around fear. One of them is to freeze and become unable to scream or ask for help in any way. This is where this helpful alarm comes into the picture.

Secure Your Vehicle

  • Prior to getting ready to hike on the trail you have chosen, you should check all locks on your car are working fine. If you will be gone for a longer time or you will park the vehicle in an area you are not familiar with, you might want to take some additional security measures.

  • Talk to your professional automotive locksmith or check out to find local locksmith help in your area. This service covers all states, cities, and remote areas, and they do it at some of the most affordable flat rates too.

  • They can handle anything from free assessment of your needs, quality vehicle lock installation/repair/re-key, to transponder key reprogramming or jammed ignition switch fixes. They can install alarms on your vehicle and locks for your steering wheels or wheels.

  • Double check all the doors are locked and no valuable items are lying in sight on the seats.

Welcome to Nahant Marsh


Nahant Marsh is a 265-acre preserve nestled in southwest Davenport. It is part of a 513-acre wetland complex that is bordered by the Mississippi River, Interstate 280, and Highway 22.

Hours: The Education Center is open Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. If the main gate is locked, trails are accessible from the front parking lot. Look for the opening in the fence near the kiosk.

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Nahant Marsh

LogoThe mission of Nahant Marsh Education Center is to protect, enhance, and restore the Marsh through education, research, and conservation. Our vision is to foster wonder, appreciation, and stewardship of the natural world.


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